Cover of Girl Running shows Bobbi Gibb running, her blonde hair billowing behind her.

Less than three weeks until my next book hits the bookshelves! I’ve made a series of book trailers for Girl Running and I wanted to share them with you.

Since the book is about a young girl’s love of running in the 1960s, I wanted to feature the voices of young girls today talking about running. I found my runners at a local triathlon and at our middle school’s cross country team practice. My publisher’s legal department helped me come up with paperwork so the girls’ parents would know what was going on and could give permission for their participation.

The girls were remarkably articulate and passionate–I really felt like I was seeing the legacy of runners like Bobbi Gibb! They took it as a given that they should run, and that they should run fast.

Making and editing the videos stretched me (and I don’t think anyone will be hiring me as a videographer right away). Some of my equipment worked less than optimally during the filming, too, making me very grateful for subtitles.

I had a lot of fun doing the interviews, and I think the girls are remarkably wise (and  funny!).  I’m posting some of my favorite videos here, but you can find all of them here on YouTube. I’ll continue uploading onto YouTube (these girls had a lot to say!) until the book’s release on February 6.