It’s nearly March and my stack of 2016 books seems not to be dwindling. So here’s a round-up of books from last year that I liked but still haven’t gotten around to writing about.   Beautiful, watery illustrations tell the story of a female shark researcher who followed her passion despite discrimination. Swimming with Sharks: […]

  Happy President’s Day! This is a holiday that commemorates Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthdays, but it’s also a great time to reflect on the vigor of the US Constitution and to remember some others who have served as US President. Here’s my list of ten great nonfiction picture books about Presidents and the Presidency.   […]

Most picture book biographies, unsurprisingly, have a linear structure. Someone did something and then did something else and then did something else. To the Stars! The First American Woman to Walk in Space uses a refreshingly different structure. One spread shows Dr. Kathy Sullivan’s interests and activities as a child or teenager, and then the next spread […]

Famous people change the world. But often people who are forgotten by history also have a hand in changing the world. Here’s a list of ten books about people you’ve probably never heard of who changed the world. They overcame disability, circumstance, prejudice, and poverty, and did what they could to make the world a […]

My grandfather was a real cowboy. I feel sad that I never got to share Real Cowboys with him. He would have appreciated this book and nodded his head at it, “Yep. That’s right.” This wonderful title for young readers describes what real cowboys actually do, turning the cultural image of the cowboy on its head. […]

In Giant Squid, Candace Fleming explores how understanding parts of the whole can lead to understanding the whole. In her beautifully-written and elegantly-constructed book, she  shows us parts of the mysterious giant squid, and describes how scientists use tiny clues to piece together more and more information about this fascinating deep-water creature. At the end of […]