Portrait of Annette Bay Pimentel
I write nonfiction picture books. Here you can read about my books, about my school visits, and about great nonfiction picture books by other people. 

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Cover of book, showing many, many bugs in grass.

Some Bugs for Preschoolers

Nonfiction for very, very young readers is tricky. But Angela DiTerlizzi cracks the code in the delightful book Some Bugs. In fewer than 100 words, she gives us a wonderful glimpse...

Cover of book showing prairie dogs peeking out of their burrows

Prairie Dog Song

Elementary school children learn about living webs–that plants and animals interact with each other within an environment. There are some great books depicting ecosystem webs–High Tide for Horseshoe Crabs looks...

Portrait of Rich Lo, artist

Rich Lo and the art of Mountain Chef

Last week my nonfiction picture book, Mountain Chef: How One Man Lost His Groceries, Changed His Plans, and Helped Cook up the National Park Service, was published. Some of the process...

Park ranger Yenyen Chan and author Annette Bay Pimentel signing Mountain Chef at Yosemite.

Mountain Chef

The National Park Service is 100 years old this month. Who created it? Theodore Roosevelt and John Muir may be its spiritual fathers, but Muir had  already died and Roosevelt...

Cover of the book, showing a sea captain inside a giant doughnut.

The Hole Story of the Doughnut

The origins of some everyday objects are lost. But in The Hole Story of the Doughnut, Pat Miller goes back to a 1916 newspaper article to unearth the story of the...

Cover of book showing a young girl with gardening equipment in front of the White House, with FDR's dog Fala.

Diana’s White House Garden

This charming book tells the true story of how a little girl helped with Eleanor and Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s White House Victory garden during World War II. Diana Hopkins lived...

Cover of Slickety Quick shows a great white shark swimming in water.

Slickety Quick

Sharks and poetry. What could be better? In this refreshing book, Skila Brown couples playful, inventive poems with short sidebars about different types of sharks. The poems are in a...

Cover of book showing William Shakespeare writing with a quill pen.

Will’s Words

If you were transported back 400 years to Elizabethan England, it’s possible you’d have a tough time tuning your ear to the accent spoken around you. But if you slipped...

Picture of child reading with caption Children's and Young Adult Bloggers' Literary Awards

Women in the Spotlight

Still looking for summer reading? My list of nonfiction picture books about women performers is still up at CYBILS.

Cover of book showing African child sitting in doorway of hut.

My Heart Will Not Sit Down

Some picture books are straight fiction. Some picture books are straight nonfiction. And then there are a few, like Mara Rockliff’s My Heart Will Not Sit Down, that straddle that line....